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Evidenced Understanding Policies are here....

Evidenced Understanding policies are game changing.  They are a completely new approach to how you think about and deliver social care policies to your workforce. If you and your staff are ready for a total refresh of how policies are experienced, understood and absorbed, then look no further. 


We have developed Evidenced Understanding policies in order to communicate effectively with staff, to make them conveniently available on the move and, more importantly, to protect you, the Company Owner, by ensuring you have detailed policy-specific or person-specific reports that evidence your policies have been read and that they have been understood. 

Evidenced Understanding policies make sense for busy company owners and their staff because:

  • They are accessible on the move
  • There are comprehension tests for each policy that ‘evidence’ the reader has understood the key messages
  • There are advanced reporting functions for managers and company owners
  • Certificates are issued for successful completion of the comprehension test 

Excellent policies that evidence staff compliance are needed more than ever these days. With CQC Inspection criteria changing and more stringent testing set to be introduced, these innovative policies are just what you need.

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Bespoke Policies

If you can’t find exactly what you need in our library of download policies, we can write bespoke policies to order. This approach provides a unique, tailor-made policy or set of policies specifically for your company.

Get in touch now and talk to us about your exact policy requirements.