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Policies misunderstood or not read, aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Instructional Design Policies overcome this problem.  They have been redesigned from scratch to create a policy that is much more effective in communicating your company’s key messages and standards.

With Instructional Design Policies, we have used design features to make the policy easier to read than a standard, text-based policy document:

  • ‘Call Out’ boxes ensure key points are highly prominent
  • Summary points at the end of the policy reinforce the key messages
  • Practical examples help readers understand how the policy relates to their work
  • Explanation is given about how each policy relates to CQC Fundamental Standards and Key Lines of Enquiry.

Click on the image slider opposite to preview an example of this policy format.

Option 1 - Download Individually

Download Text Only Policies Individually for £48 inc VAT each

Use the Alphabetic Lists or Simply Search by Title or Keyword to Select CQC Compliant Policies

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Option 2 - Download in Bundles

Download Instructional Design Policies In Bundles - Priced Individually

Use the Alphabetic Lists or Simply Search by Title or Keyword to Select CQC Compliant Policies

A set of 61 Homecare Instructional DesignPolicies

£1320 inc VAT

 A set of 35 Core Business Instructional Design Policies

£816 inc VAT

A set of 18 Complex Care Instructional Design Policies

£504 inc VAT

Option 3 - Download a Complete Set

Download Instructional Design Policies as a Complete Set

 A full set of 114 CQC  Instructional Design policies 

£1980 inc VAT

Option 4 - Bespoke Policies

Ask Insequa to Write Bespoke Policies for your Company

If you can’t find exactly what you need in our library of download policies, we can write bespoke policies to order. This approach provides a unique, tailor-made policy or set of policies specifically for your company.

Get in touch now and talk to us about your exact policy requirements.