Instructional Design – Complex Care Bundle


A policy bundle consisting of 18 Instructional Design format policies, covering key aspects of Complex Care.


Instructional Design – Complex Care Bundle

A solid set of 18 Complex Care policies offering a comprehensive and robust solution to your social care policy requirements. Easy to read and popular with staff for their engaging, informative and simple style, they support social care organisations towards compliance.

Written in line with all correct and current social care legislation and referencing essential CQC Key Lines of Enquiry and Fundamental Standards.


Pack includes:

  1. Administration of an Enema or Suppository Policy
  2. Aseptic Technique Policy
  3. Bariatric Care Policy
  4. Blood Transfusion and IV Fluids Policy
  5. Buccal Midazolam Policy
  6. Challenging Behaviour, Violence and Aggression Policy
  7. Clinical Governance Statement
  8. Clinical Waste Policy
  9. Confirmation of Death Policy
  10. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Policy
  11. DNAR Policy
  12. End of Life Care Policy
  13. MRSA Policy
  14. Needlestick Injury Policy
  15. Nurse Revalidation Policy
  16. Safe Use of Bed Rails Policy
  17. Safe Use of Restraint Policy
  18. Tracheostomy Care and Tracheobronchial Suction Policy


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