Instructional Design – Core Business Bundle


A set of 35 policies covering Core Business aspects of your organisation.


Instructional Design Core Business Bundle

A solid set of 35 core business policies offering a comprehensive and robust solution to your social care policy requirements. Easy to read and popular with staff for their engaging, informative and simple style, they support social care organisations towards compliance.

Written in line with all correct and current social care legislation and referencing essential CQC Key Lines of Enquiry and Fundamental Standards.


Pack includes:

  1. Access to Files and Records
  2. Accidents and Incidents Reporting
  3. Alcohol, Smoking and Drug Use Policy
  4. Anti-Bribery Policy
  5. Appraisal Policy
  6. Audit Policy
  7. Bullying and Harassment Policy
  8. Business Contingency and Emergency Planning Policy
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  10. Data Protection Policy
  11. Disability and Discrimination Policy
  12. Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
  13. Environmental Policy
  14. Equal Opportunities Policy
  15. Equality and Diversity Policy
  16. First Aid Policy
  17. Health and Safety Policy
  18. Information Governance Policy
  19. Information Security Policy
  20. Internet and Email Policy
  21. Maternity Policy
  22. Mobile Phone Use Policy
  23. Modern Slavery Policy
  24. Paternity Leave Policy
  25. Quality Assurance Policy
  26. Record Keeping Policy
  27. Retirement Policy
  28. Safer Recruitment Policy
  29. Sickness Absence Policy
  30. Social Media and Networking Policy
  31. Social Value
  32. Stress Management Policy
  33. Supervision Policy
  34. Training, Development and Qualifications Policy
  35. Vaccinations Policy



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