Instructional Design – Homecare Bundle


A 61 policy set covering key aspects of homecare provision.


Homecare Bundle

This set of 61 Homecare Policies offer comprehensive and robust solutions to your social care policy requirements. Easy to read and popular with staff for their engaging, informative and simple style, they support social care organisations towards compliance. Written in line with all correct and current social care legislation and referencing essential CQC Key Lines of Enquiry and Fundamental Standards, this is a solid set of 61 Homecare Policies to assist your organisation’s compliance in key areas.



Pack includes:

  1. Accidents and Emergencies
  2. Advance Care Planning Policy
  3. Advocacy Policy
  4. Autonomy and Independence Policy
  5. Basic Life Support Policy
  6. Car Use Policy
  7. Care Planning Policy
  8. CCTV Policy
  9. Cooperating with Other Providers Policy
  10. Code of Conduct for Workers Policy
  11. Collection of Prescriptions Policy
  12. Compliance Principles Policy
  13. Compliments and Complaints Policy and Procedure
  14. Confidentiality Policy
  15. Consent Policy
  16. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Policy
  17. Death of a Service User Policy
  18. Dementia Care Policy
  19. Dignity and Respect Policy
  20. Direct Payment Policy
  21. Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Policy
  22. Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Referral Policy
  23. Dress Code Policy
  24. Duty of Candour Policy
  25. Escalation Policy
  26. Falls Prevention Policy
  27. Female Genital Mutilation Policy
  28. Financial Procedures Policy
  29. Fire Safety in the Home Policy
  30. Food Hygiene Policy
  31. Foot Care Policy
  32. Gifts and Legacies Policy
  33. Hand Washing Procedure
  34. Handling the Money of Service Users who Lack Capacity Policy
  35. Handling the Money of Service Users Policy
  36. Hot Water and Surfaces Policy
  37. Infection Control Policy
  38. Lone Working Policy
  39. Medication Administration Policy
  40. Meeting Needs Policy
  41. Missed Visit Policy
  42. Missing Persons Policy
  43. Moving and Handling Policy
  44. Notifications Policy
  45. Nutritional and Hydration Needs Policy
  46. Out of Hours & Emergency On- Call Cover Policy
  47. Personal Budgets Policy
  48. Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  49. Position of Trust Policy
  50. Premises – Access to Office Policy
  51. Professional Boundaries Policy
  52. Promoting Continence Policy
  53. Religion and Belief Policy
  54. Risk Assessment Policy
  55. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy
  56. Safeguarding Vulnerable Children Policy
  57. Serious Untoward Incident Policy
  58. Service User Records (Home) Policy
  59. Service Users’ Home Security Policy
  60. Volunteering Policy
  61. Whistleblowing Policy






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