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Successful bid writing is a special skill. It’s not rocket science, but it requires time, focus, sector knowledge and familiarity with the conventions of contract tendering.

At Insequa we write tenders day in, day out – we have learned to interpret the weird and wonderful ways of commissioners, to anticipate their needs, second guess their requirements – understand what really lies behind the deceptively simple questions they ask.


For novices, the reality of writing a bid really hits home when confronted with the tender specification. Those unused to these hefty documents, frequently find themselves baffled by the technical language and high level of detail demanded. Writing method statements that tick all the right boxes commissioners are looking for, can be tough when you don’t have experience of putting together a compelling bid response.

That’s where we can help.

If there’s a contract that has come up that you are particularly interested in, but you simply don’t know where to begin completing the paperwork, call us. We regularly produce successful bid writing for contracts in the social care sector. To optimise their chances of success, all our bids are subject to a thorough quality assurance process that includes review by an external, independent evaluator. Rigorously checked, assessed and double-checked before submission, social care providers can be assured their ambitions for business growth are in good hands with us.

So what’s it going to be?

If you have the time, patience and experience, you could try writing a tender yourself – or you could opt for an easy life and hand it over to us.

Decisions, decisions…

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