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Developing your skill set


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Steering through the paperwork


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Do you want to learn how to write a tender, but aren’t quite sure where to start?


If so, you should consider our mentoring support – it’s basically a hand-holding service from start to finish, where you are steered by an experienced proposal manager throughout. Using an identical process to that we use in-house here at Insequa, you will be supported in the interpretation of the specification, writing of method statements and any background research that is required. With clear guidance throughout on approach and execution, we will review all documents prior to submission.


Our proposal managers and professional tender writers will help you to identify your USPs, support you in carrying out research around the contract to help boost your response and ensure that you address all the contract-specific and general requirements of the commissioning body.


They say that the best way of learning is by doing, and this mentoring service gives you enough support to get started in tender writing, whilst giving you space to develop and explore your own techniques in a collaborative setting.


Our mentoring services are really useful when:

  • You need support preparing and putting together the written aspects of the tender
  • You want assurance and the peace of mind that comes from having the tender checked thoroughly before submission
  • You want to develop and improve your tender writing skills

Why us?


Our experienced proposal managers co-ordinate the successful completion of social care tenders on a daily basis. It’s what they do. They are the best people to have in your corner, talking you through what can be a complex and challenging process.

With the help of expert analysis and guidance, our mentoring services offer just the right amount of support to steer you successfully through the contracting maze. With clear guides on content and structure and how to write persuasive method statements, our proposal managers are on hand to answer your questions throughout your writing of the tender.

Once you have finished writing, our proposal manager will review what you have done, making alterations and amendments as necessary. This process is very collaborative and all changes are discussed and explained so that learning and development opportunities are maximised.


Once you’re happy, you submit the tender yourself.


This mentoring system benefits those who know the social care sector well, but have little experience of how to write a tender. Our proposal managers work every day with professional tender writers and know exactly how to structure a proposition for maximum impact.

Have you identified a social care contract that fits your plans? Want to bid, but need the extra confidence an experienced mentor brings?

Contact us now to discuss how our mentoring support could raise your tender writing to another level.